Enterprising families, pandemics and risk management


The entire world has been effected by a pandemic and society has responded in order to protect the lives of citizens and to ensure the capacity of the health care sector. The responses have caused severe effects on the financial and business sector all over the world. Family enterprises are no exception. On the contrary, it becomes even more clear how the three systems of family, ownership and business are interconnected and effected.

Families, of both the owners and their stakeholders, struggles to stay healthy and protect their lives, savings and income. Owners face the responsibility of ensuring proper financing and governance both for the next quarter and the next generation. Business management is adapting to changing circumstances every day and developing strategies to survive the coming years.  

In this interactive workshop, two leading authorities will lead us through a discussion on risk management from the perspective of enterprising families. The session is based on in depth research of families that have encountered extremely volatile conditions. You will also have the chance to share your own challenges, ask for advice and hear from other members in the network how they are responding to the current situation. As always in a confidential setting. 


Devin DeCiantis, MPP

Devin specializes in the financial, organizational, and strategic aspects of family enterprise. He brings a background in corporate strategy, economic analysis and investment banking to his work with family businesses, family offices and family foundations.

He was raised in Toronto, Canada and holds a Master’s from the Kennedy School at Harvard with a focus in finance and economics, as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration from York University. He has worked with private and public sector leaders throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and teaches about family enterprise at Harvard and Kellogg.

Devin’s work with family enterprises focuses on continuity planning, governance design, enterprise risk, shareholder education and development, and strategic sustainability initiatives. He is also leading a global research project out of Kellogg on the resilience of family firms in emerging and frontier markets.

Devin lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife Nathalie and their two children.

Christopher Robichaud, Ph.D.

Christopher has over a decade of professional experience working at the intersection of education and practice, with a focus on providing moral leadership training in business, politics and law. He received his Ph.D. from MIT and his Masters from Texas A&M University. In addition to his work with enterprising families, he is a Senior Lecturer in Ethics and Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Director of Pedagogical Innovation at Harvard’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics.

Deeply committed to finding innovative ways to make professional ethics accessible to practitioners, Christopher designs customized simulations that produce deeper learning outcomes than are typically achieved through conventional lectures or case discussions. His goal is to provide families with opportunities to explore ethical decision making in the context of practicing leadership skills and engaging in complex negotiations. He also seeks ways to make ethics and leadership training more engaging to non-specialists, often using popular culture as a lens through which to examine moral questions. In that spirit, he has designed multiple online courses for Harvard and the Smithsonian and is the host of a weekly podcast at Harvard called “This Week in Dystopia.”

He grew up in the small town of Chardon, OH but has lived the past two decades in Cambridge, MA.


Tisdag 5 maj 2020


Plattform: Zoom
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