FBN Nordic conference 2019


We have the pleasure of inviting you to FBN Nordic Conference 2019.

How are family businesses engaging in solving the biggest future challenges such as poverty, climate changes, health problems and diseases?

And how does families make the shifttowards a more diversified owner and operational structure?

Together with other family business owners from the Nordics we will share, learn and challenge ourselves. This time in beautiful Copenhagen.


Thursday September 26th

09.00-11.30 New Leaders Circle (NxG Only and optional)

Made by New Leaders for New Leaders, this programme offers NxG members that are cur rently embarking on leadership roles within their family business, the opportunity to partici pate in small focused peer groups tackling topics New Leaders are facing.

The aim of the peer circles is to share, in confidence, common challenges: working hard in earning a leading role in the business, building our own families and sometimes also constructing the family governance.

Via regular intimate gatherings New Leader Circle Members exchange experiences on
topics such as:

  1. The many ways and phases to leadership in the family and the business (How to deal with hidden expectations that will come up one day? How to build trust so family accepts us and the in-laws?How to make parents realize that it is time to step back from educating us?)
  2. Ownership in family settings (What can owners do and don’t regarding the business?)
  3. Private life for family business people (How to draw the line between private and professional life – I don’t want to take business problem home – what to do?)

Moderators: Maya Faerch, FBN Denmark and
Tamás Kürti, founder of New Leaders Circles in FBN International.

11.30 Registration opens

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Nordic Enterprising Families – Welcome to Denmark!
Peter Juel-Jensen, Venstre, member of Danish parlaiment and Anders Gangsted-Rasmussen, FBN Denmark

13.10 Enterprising families –a framework and getting to know each other 
– Who are we and what keeps us up at night?
– Questions we are curious about…

13.30 It’s all in the family – Three generations working together 
Søren Lynggaard from the Danish jeweler Ole Lynggaard

14.15 The non-family resource with a cross Nordic perspective
Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae, chairperson and member of the board of several Nordic family and non-family businesses, for example SAS and Paulig

15.00 Learning from the speakers and each other
Coffee break with exchange of thoughts around the table

16.00 Taking the family business into the digital age – a case study
The Spandow family is truly an entrepreneurial family of 3 generations. The family business profile is used actively towards employees, customers and suppliers, who are invited into the extended family. What started out as a traditional accounting business is now an innovative business, with a continuous strive to combine technology and insight to simplify business.

16.45 Reflections towards the end of the day 

17.15 Close
18.30 Drinks and dinner at Nimb in Tivoli

Friday September 27th

08.40 Re cap
09.00 Hand in Hand

Percy Barnevik – co-founder and honorary chairman

Former top CEO Percy Barnevik founded Hand in Hand in 2000 with the focus of lifting people out of poverty through entrepreneurship and arranging micro-loans. “Our model, help to self-help, puts people’s destinies in their own hands. You train them, you coach them, but they decide for themselves about the future.”

09.45 Our collaboration with Hand in Hand – a donor family perspective 

Paola Uggla

10.00 Coffee break

10.45 Together we are stronger – case HAPPY

The story of three families joining forces to do good.

Edvin Franck and Laura Meyer – The Eva Ahlström Foundation

Vladimira Therman – The Foundation of August Ludvig Hartwall

Moderator; Peter Therman

11.30 What have we learnt?
12.30 Lunch & Good byes – see you in Helsinki!

NxG Friday after work (for all, optional)

13.30 Social entrepreneurship – providing employment for women in rural India through delivery of sustainable textile products to the Norwegian market.

6th generation Cecilie Kjeldsberg have, with a background from international development & academia, combined her passion for gender equality and making a difference by establising a social startup far from home.

14.30 Gutkind & Co – an enterprising family’s Next Gen Program.
Is the Bonnier family an investing family rather than a media family in the future? Love Bonnier & Hannah Wolfson

15.30 Group discussions
16.45 End and possible get-together over drinks for those staying on in Copenhagen

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