Trust is the Family Enterprise Advantage


Today the debate is on-going, control or trust based strategies for fighting the Corona virus?

As families develop their businesses across generations, the pure longevity of operations with visible owners builds trust between the family and business, it’s employees and the society that they operate in. Families have been seen going through crisis before and that resilience creates trust. This trust might for some be the only capital left when the corona crisis has hit both the family and business health.

In this webinar, we’ll go deeper into understanding what builds trust and how trust based governance, as opposed to control based governance, might be the competitive advantage of family businesses. We’ll also explore how trust may be used to build the family enterprise even stronger after the crisis.


Dr. Justin Craig has worked in, on, with, and for family enterprises since he was eleven years old. Dr. Craig works closely with family business leaders, their consultants and advisors, and trains and presents to members of enterprising families from most sectors and countries worldwide.

Justin lives in Australia with his wife Kimberly. Having two god sons in Gränna, brings him to Sweden on an irregular basis.

Today he is a Full Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at Bond University, Australia. He has held several positions at Business Schools in the US and has been the Director of the Centre for Family Enterprises at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management with Professor John Ward.

Dr. Craig has authored 50 peer-reviewed academic publications, numerous book chapters and teaching cases, and has co-edited several books, all aimed at better understanding the challenges of entrepreneurial business-owning families across the globe.


Onsdag 29 april 2020


Plattform: Zoom
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