Now that we have a clearer understanding of nature and spread of the virus, a more coordinated global policy response has begun to coalesce — acknowledging the need for ”social distancing” despite the impact this will have on businesses large and small, and a recognition of the importance of ”flattening the curve” to reduce the burden this virus will place on our already strained public health systems (more on both strategies below).

As the pandemic seizes control of daily life, it will also have a clear and material impact on the performance of operating companies and investment portfolios, and put strains on the physical and emotional well-being of employees, customers, and families — particularly cherished elders who are most at risk and the youngest members who are struggling to find meaning in this chaotic time. We hope the resources below will help enterprising families navigate this complex challenge.

At LGA we are also taking several additional steps to help ensure the health and well-being of clients and our community. We are also collecting and sharing insights to support your individual response to the crisis on our new COVID-19 portal on the LGA website, including the report you are about to review. We hope it will provide you with critical facts and insights on the COVID-19 pandemic and help your decision-makers and your family remain informed as the situation evolves.

We encourage you to review and share with family members, Board directors and executives to help inform your own response and support strategic conversations both for coping with the current crisis and for developing protocols and programs to manage the risk of future crises.

Finally, while we will be acting with extra prudence in the days and weeks ahead, we remain available to support you in any way that might be helpful as the situation unfolds.

Your global team of LGA Advisors

Download full report here:

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