Handling paradoxes – the key for family business to reach longterm success


Paradoxes are problems that can’t be solved and put away. Rather they have to be managed on an ongoing basis. They are best approached with both/and thinking rather than either/or answers. And in the Corona-crisis, many of these polarities play out;

– Personal health and financial health
– Individual and collective
– Short term and Long term
Family and Business

Families capability to handle paradoxes, is a large contributer to their success. Successful, long-lived family enterprises deploy
both/and approaches to seemingly impossible problems from their very beginnings. Although not easy, they find ways to honor the needs of both family and business over the long-term. 

About the seminar

In this one-hour session for members of Family Business Network Sweden, we will learn how to identify a paradox and distinguish it from other kinds of problems.  We’ll also discuss together some of the most challenging dynamics facing family enterprises in the current global pandemic, and identify the paradoxes contained within and more.

Join us for an interactive webinar with Amy Schuman, a long time colleague and partner of professor John Ward, whom many of you know. Together they wrote the book “Family Business as Paradox” and Amy is long time lecturer and facilitator on the subject of paradoxes. Some of you met Amy when she was here in the year 2000 for the FBN Summit in Stockholm.


The seminar will be lead and facilitated by Amy Schuman. Amy is a senior advisor of The Family Business Consulting Group. For over 20 years, Amy has helped hundreds of families implement the systems, structures and relationships needed to be effective stewards of their enterprises. 

As a founding facilitator of the Next Generation Leadership Institute at the Chicago Loyola University Family Business Center, Amy coached young men and women to assume leadership positions in their family businesses. She also founded and facilitated Loyola’s first Peer Advisory Group for Women and taught group process and facilitation skills in Loyola’s Family Business Communication Institute.


Tisdag 21 april 2020


Zoom.us (inbjudningslänk via anmälan)


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